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Welcome to goddesswear!
Where women´s sportswear and athletic apparel are
designed and made for fashion, comfort and quality.

Goddesswear was born in 1999 through a desire to bring more peace  
to our planet through women and girls loving themselves.
We are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles andopen awareness for all!

In essence, Goddesswear is here to celebrate our strength and well being
with colorful, playful and comfortable clothing. An array of unique designs,
great for the outdoors, for the gym or for a night on the town!

Designed and manufactured in Rio de Janeiro.
We have designed the most original and beautiful athletic/leasure collection of pants, leggings,
skirts, shorts, tops and jackets made from our unique Stretch Corduroy and Supplex.
The feeling is so comfortable and luxurious...
You will love the feel, the fit and custom dyed colors of our beautiful line of stretchy active wear.
Goddesswear International
California, USA: 1(831)440-8707
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 55(21)2429-3921
Brazilian Activewear... that fits like a second skin
Our Mission:

As envisioned by its creator, Katherine Alldis, our mission is to bring greater peace to our planet and
our human family through the desire to inspire every woman and girl around the world to love herself
more profoundly and to be an inspiration that lights the lives of those around her.

Our Motto:

With an Open Heart your love shines more brightly. Let your love shine, Goddess...

Our clothing line is designed to express one´s self in unlimited ways and
simultaneously embrace the sensuality of our feminine curves.
We invite you to embrace and radiate your own unique goddess self.
We hope that you will use Goddesswear as a gentle reminder to treat
yourself like a goddess and worship the temple that is your body.
You deserve it!